Our Mine Rescue Team is prepared in the event of an emergency


Environment, health and safety

At SunHills Mining protecting the safety and health of our employees and the environment is a core value.

It is important employees and contractors understand their jobs, are properly trained, and arrive at work mentally and physically capable to safely perform their work and follow safe work practices.

Through effective training, planning and implementation of safety programs, hazards can effectively be eliminated or controlled. Our safety team reviews our practices, conducts audits and updates policies and procedures to ensure the highest standards for the health and safety of our employees and the environment.

Our employees must have the proper training for the jobs they perform, complete hazard assessments, use the proper tools for the job and must conduct themselves in accordance to our policies and procedures.

At SunHills Mining, safety is everyone’s responsibility. No job will be done, unless it can be done safely.

Mine Rescue Team

SunHills Mining has an active volunteer Mine Rescue Team and participates in the annual Alberta Mine Rescue competitions. Mine rescue is an essential part of SunHills Mining as our mine rescue team is designated to respond to emergencies and trained to be ready for any on-site situation. Team members are dedicated to their roles and work together practicing for various emergency scenarios.